It's an interesting challenge- how to design the graphics for a booth that will feature two companies? AIRHAWK and Danny Gray both have great reputations in the motorcycle industry, AIRHAWK for creating a line of seat cushions that use air cell technology to keep your backside cool and comfy so you can enjoy longer rides, and Danny Gray for creating some of the coolest (but functional) custom seats around.

Marketing28 had launched a new Danny Gray site, and we've completed a number of projects for AIRHAWK, so it was a natural fit when they came to us for a co-branded trade show booth design.

Working with our partners at Pro Expo Exhibits, the first step was to get some background: What did they hope to achieve with the new booth, what worked and didn't with the old one (1 billion pounds of unyielding steel that took an army to put together), and what were their longer-range needs and goals?

For this 20x20 foot booth it was clear that we needed distinct areas for each brand, but also a show that made sure convention-goers didn't feel trapped in one area or the other.

Strategically placed walls allowed for a feeling of specific areas with a lot of openness. Marketing28 designed graphics that 'skinned' each brand, keeping an overall feeling of continuity no matter what area you were in.We also brought the partnership of the two brands to life in words, using the key benefits of each brand– comfort for AIRHAWK and custom for Danny Gray– to help tell that bigger story.

Video screens with demonstrations and interactive pressure mapping, actual seat samples hung from the walls, and an actual motorcycle helped complete the picture.

After all was said and done, all parties were more than happy with the results and we were ready to ride off into the sunset, goals achieved.
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